Gold Leafing

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Gold is a medium that has been applied in architecture from antiquity for its beauty and splendor. The application of gold allows the architect to light up the intended space and provide a brilliant warmth that is unmatched by other metals.

We provide a variety of gold leafing applications consisting of different designs with tinted or antique finishes. Our services are applicable to real gold leafing, imitation gold leafing, silver leafing, copper leafing and any other metal leafing that one may wish to use. These applications are not limited to the size of the project as our experience extends from small fireplace applications to multistory surface applications.

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Click to view Marbling samplesMarble is a material that has been used, historically, to add elegance and beauty to architectural space. At times the application of marble slates becomes impractical due to the nature of the surface of application.

We specialize in imitation marbling
that allows the decorator to apply marble finishes to any surface or space desirable. We contain the skill not only to closely imitate real marbles, but also to provide modifications that will unite the imitation with the surrounding décor.

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Venetian Plasters

Click to view Venetian Plaster samplesVenetian Stucco (plaster) has been used as a decorative material since antiquity. The application was revived in the 17th century Venice.

We specialize
in the application of Venetian plaster. It is a decorative material that produces an exciting interior with marble-like texture while also creating a unique visual attraction. It is a product that allows the space to “breath.” This unique characteristic does not allow mold or mildew to accumulate, creating a healthy living environment.

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Stone Effects

Click to view Stone effects samplesStone is one of the oldest building materials used for its stability and strength. It has also recently regained popularity for use in sustainable and natural architecture. Flat stone imitations can be achieved by only the use of color, but we specialize in the use of materials that with the proper techniques can create stone textures. This allows us to apply it in various forms, whether imitating a stone block appearance or making a wall seem as if constructed out of solid stone. The texture allows for the alteration of color and application on to non-traditional surfaces.

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Click to view Glazing - mouldings samplesGlazing combines multiple different colors to produce an infinite selection of designs,Click to view Glazing walls so as to help accentuate specific forms or structural elements and highlight certain objects or various types of art. We specialize in the application of various different glazing techniques over large surfaces while maintaining visual uniformity. We can create unique combinations with the use of up to six tints and pigments, allowing the decorator to bring harmony to a space containing a wider selection of decorative elements.

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Wood Graining

Click to view Wood graining samplesWood is a material that is rarely absent from architecture and interior design. The human mind is calmed by the connection with nature that wood provides.

We provide cost effective identical imitations of any type of wood, such as oak and cherry wood. Our expertise allows for careful manipulations involving the color of the imitation so as to match the surrounding space.
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Traditional Painting

Click to view Traditional painting samplesWe offer traditional painting services that are executed quickly yet yield a high quality result. Our crew of trained personnel operates with the professionalism that is required to complete both high and low volume projects, giving the highest attention to detail and maintaining cleanliness in the work environment. We are a company that has experience operating under harsh time constraints, in cooperation with both local and international construction companies, and achieving a high quality final product.
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Click to view Renovation-restoration samplesRestoration projects involve a process that requires special attention and skill. Our staff is trained in paying attention to the detail that is essential to producing high quality restoration work. Our services range from the use of specialized materials for the removal of the existing surfaces, to the replication of faded or destroyed facades and restoration to their original states, including woodwork that is involved in the restoration of old doors and frames.

Our expertise is not limited to that traditional painting but also extends to the areas of decoration and antiquing, whether on traditional or non-traditional surfaces.
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